This service involves preparing a comprehensive financial report covering the financial affairs of the company over a specified period, usually one year. This report includes information about the company’s income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity

These statements are considered a vital part of corporate management to provide shareholders and other interested parties with an overview of the company’s financial position and performance. They are used by the management within the company to make decisions regarding resource allocation and how to develop business and commercial activities.

Reasons to Opt for External Resources such as Erad:

  • Time and Cost Savings: When utilizing external resources for this service, the company is not required to invest in the costly and complex resources (such as software and accountants) necessary for preparing financial statements.
  • Improved Quality of Financial Reports: The company can choose to collaborate with a specialized and experienced provider like Irad, which has the necessary expertise and knowledge to produce high-quality financial reports.
  • Enabling Focus on More Important Tasks: This helps improve overall efficiency when the company and its employees can focus on other more critical tasks for the business.

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