.The landscape of Value Added Tax (VAT) laws has witnessed significant changes in recent years, posing considerable challenges for businesses in making accurate decisions to avoid tax misapplication.

At Erad, our team, comprising tax consultants and VAT experts, offers essential support to businesses across various sectors. We aim to provide customized solutions to minimize tax risks, addressing all corporate inquiries in line with the best tax practices. Our focus extends to efficiently reclaiming taxes in compliance with regulations and laws, maintaining a high standard of service quality.

Tax Services:

  • Building VAT model service
  • VAT objections submission
  • Tax representation for entities
  • Tax return preparation and submission
  • Assessing tax risks in investment and acquisition opportunities
  • Managing the audit and review process by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority
  • Aligning businesses with the correct legal tax application

Our Service Highlights:

  • Timely and accurate tax return submissions
  • Relying on a specialized Saudi team with extensive tax experience
  • Keeping clients informed of tax system changes and applications
  • Attending to intricate tax details to prevent unexpected audits
  • Timely tax return submissions as part of our service benefit

We are here to efficiently and professionally address your tax needs.