VAT Services

Value added tax services contribute in reducing the tax risks and raising the compliance level for the institute by following the VAT Implementing Regulation


Value added tax has witnessed many changes and updates during the previous years.

Hence, a great challenge was brought about for establishment owners and decision makers to avoid the improper application of the VAT laws & regulations


Erad team, consisting of several VAT consultants and VAT specialists, contributed in assisting establishments in various business sectors by reducing tax risks and answering questions.

Erad team reflects the best VAT practices & VAT refund in a timely manner and in accordance with the up-to-date laws & regulations.


Erad team presents high quality standards & efficiency in all VAT services, which include:


·       Creating VAT business model

·       Submitting VAT Objections

·       Representing companies for VAT purposes

·       Preparing and submitting VAT return

·       Assessing tax risks in investment opportunities and acquisition

·       Managing the audit and review process requested by ZATCA

·       Preparing the facility to apply the VAT legislation in the correct legal manner


Service Features:


·      Submitting accurate VAT returns in a timely manner

·      A specialized and certified Saudi team with extensive experience in the VAT field

·      Informing the client and keeping him updated about any VAT legislation changes

·      Attending to the smallest VAT details to avoid sudden audit claims from the authority

·      Submitting VAT returns on time